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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Aug 21 08:06:05 CEST 2009


Mathieu Bouchard hat gesagt: // Mathieu Bouchard wrote:
> There are other activities part of traditional music-making, namely:  
> composing music, writing music, reading music, improvising music (in your 
> head or live), following a conductor, being the conductor, mixing the  
> music, recording the music, postproduction, copy, distribution, playing  
> the record, remembering a tune, building the instruments, building any  
> musical tool, ... What we're experiencing nowadays is that more 
> activities can be reconfigured. Already the player-pianos played a 
> score... or is it the score that played the piano? what is sure, is that 
> there was no musician playing it live, and yet it was still music. 
> Nowadays you can make all sorts of hybrids between all of the above. This 
> causes our vocabulary (and assumptions about that vocabulary) to become 
> quite inadequate. So, increasingly, to the question "is it a musical  
> instrument?" there is hesitation: yes, no, uh, maybe, sort of, it depends 
> what you mean by... etc.

These are interesting points for us at RjDj, too.  One or our PR claims is that
RjDj (== Pd on phones) is about "music as software and software as music". RjDj
is not so much about "iPhone instruments" like portable 303 clones (although it
can be used as that), instead we're trying to reach a general music lover's
audience (rather successfully so far) and make it interested in music that is
generated in realtime, changes while being listened to and makes use of your
environment (sound, movements, GPS, ...). 

It's really tricky to communicate this and OTOH we also have to work on
creating some kind of distribution channel for this softwaremusic, build the
higher-level tools etc. We work with "traditional musicians" like Carl Craig
who maybe use hardware instruments and generally are accustomed to linear
composition software like Logic. They need to be "retrained" quite a bit for
this non-linear music (it's easier with the "DJ crowd" and very easy for Max
users).  We have to mix and postproduce live on the phone, build the
instruments (rj-library), make the music follow a non-musical conductor, be the
conductor, and so on. So all this stuff you mentioned is in action at RjDj - Pd
users of course are familiar with this already - and they are very welcome to


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