[PD] call for translations for new Pd GUI

geo ker geokeratz at gmail.com
Sat Aug 22 19:49:28 CEST 2009

>         -The last and more serious problem is that I can't
>> test my gr.po file. Everything needs to be done with
>> sudo to run and be installed properly and when I reach
>> the commands from your guide:
>>                $ ./autogen.sh && .configure && make
>> there are some errors in the terminal:
>>                rm: src/config*: No such file or directory
>>                rm: src/makefile*: No such file or directory
>>                ./autogen.sh: line 13: libtoolize: command not found
>> I think no problems were in the gettext installation.
>> I' m on an intel Macbook Pro 2008, with MacOSX Leopard.
> You need to install GNU libtool.  Using Fink is the way that the Mac OS X
> builds of Pd use. http://finkproject.org.  Or really, I should make a
> build system that doesn't need libtool... coming soon.
> .hc

Thank you for your answers .
I still have problems with libtool installed. I installed libtool through
FinkCommander , as you suggested but in terminal there are still errors
trying the commands:

    $ ./autogen.sh && .configure && make
rm: src/config*: No such file or directory
rm: src/makefile*: No such file or directory
libtoolize: `configure.in' does not exist
Try `libtoolize --help' for more information.

What's wrong? I am in the  ~/0.41.4/  directory when trying these. Some
files are missing??

>  Even for me, the translator of the app would be confusing if all tutorials
>> / help patches/ lists were using them... and then I had to face with terms:
>> Object, Slider, Patch, DSP etc translated in Greek language in my installed
>> App! I asked a friend of mine and he wouldn't use the translated app either!
>> I find it like translating the MIDI acronyms. Too ugly and scary...
> Where's the ugliness coming from? a shame insidiously infused into your
> people by the American Empire? You didn't question the beauty of the English
> words when you learned them, did you? I didn't either. I talk like that
> because it's a problem that I'm all too familiar with. It took me a long
> time to figure out the "ugliness" factor... and factor it out... to the
> extent that we can.

Well ,
I don't find greek / french languages nor the translated terms in Pd ugly. I
just find... the USE of these terms uggly and confusing. I would also find
"ugly" , for Americans to use something like "Star-Laws" and french people
"étoile-loi" for the Greek-originated word Astronomy. It's like an
international commitment that some names and terms have to be unchanged.
But, I found interesting the Catch-22 you did mention. I didn't know it :)

Thanks again for your time.

George Ker
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