[PD] call for translations for new Pd GUI

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at at.or.at
Sat Aug 22 21:07:04 CEST 2009

On Aug 22, 2009, at 6:03 AM, Johannes Burström wrote:

> Hi,
> Attached is a first try of a Swedish translation, mostly for getting
> the å's, ä's and ö's into the picture. It seems like some of the
> phrases isn't updated in the ui -- don't know if it's due to the
> current state of the devel branch or my incompetence. Also, some label
> widths seem to be hardcoded, so some label texts are cropped.

Yeah, that's why I am starting this translation process now, rather  
than waiting until the full text is in the template.pot.  Please  
report these issues so I can fix them.  Its not hard to make the panel  
adjust width, though oftentimes the panels end up getting quite wide  
in some languages.

> When doing the translation, it also came to my mind that it could be
> good to rewrite also the english descriptions. Especially the ui
> object properties are quite hard to read (and understand), and could
> be made easier with just some standard on punctuation and
> capitalization. But I haven't been very involved in the discussion, so
> I don't know if i'm just repeating what's already been discussed...

I've tried to standardize the punctuation but haven't messed with the  
language too much because its been around so long.  I think you are  
talking about the iemguis (hslider, vslider, etc.) or do you also mean  
the gatoms (number box , symbol box) and arrays.

As for the translations, the translators are free to use whatever  
language they want, since Pd has only really been in English before,  
there aren't entrenched preferences.



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