[PD] patch to profile filters - sugestions?

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Sun Aug 23 23:33:25 CEST 2009


just dia a couple of patches to get the profile of filters by testing
them - linear + log versions. I had some questions to see if anyone is  
interested in this:

- is this resolution good enough, or do you think that more is better?
this one is already good enough to get an idea

- I think it works precisely, but what's your opinion?

- I might do later one patch with both linear and logarythmic versions,
but was too much work for now

- it works a bit slow, but it was as good as it got with the standard
settings of env~. I might try out later to see if with other settings it
runs faster.

- what do you think about the logarythmic one, is the scale ok? maybe
there's a better formula for this

- to get the rms power of a freq doesn't work in the log version, because
I couldn't find out how to connect frequency values and table indexes.
you're welcome to patch it, if you want.

Btw, anyone has good links/references to filter theory courses/papers?

Hope this is useful,

João Pais

Friedenstr. 58
10249 Berlin (Deutschland)
Tel +49 30 42020091 | Mob +49 162 6843570
Studio +49 30 69509190
jmmmpais at googlemail.com | skype: jmmmpjmmmp
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