[PD] Call for expository/teaching projects for potential cultural schedule after april 2010 near Barcelona

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Mon Aug 24 04:15:42 CEST 2009

Sending it again in plain text..
> There is the aim (wright now it is only the aim) of setting a cultural 
> offer near Barcelona on the year 2010. The project would begin after 
> April 2010 and I am submiting in three or four weeks from now a 
> tentative year schedule in order to get a cultural manager assistant 
> job. 
> The offer will be mostly art related, traditional and contemporary.
> I really would like to suggest for that schedule regular Puredata 
> related events, such as workshops (from basic to advanced) and 
> multimedia shows (music/video performances, interactive installations, 
> tech art, etc.).
> In order to do so I would really apreciate that those interested in 
> participate send me:
> -descriptive data about what they would like to participate with 
> (including time needs and other requirements).
> -links to online CV and portfolios to ilustrate the offer (those links 
> will go along the schedule).
> -data about time availability (meaning when you would not be able to 
> do it and when it would be better for you)
> Please understand that this will be an offer subjected to further 
> decisions, maybe even not under my own responsability.
> Thank you all for your support.
> Fernando

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