[PD] patch to profile filters - sugestions?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Aug 24 13:02:22 CEST 2009

João Pais hat gesagt: // João Pais wrote:

>> Miller's book is pretty nice. The docs also include filter-graph  
>> abstractions
>> to profile filters similar to yours but a bit more powerful in that 
>> they also
>> graph the phase response.
> do you mean the examples around fig8.12 from figs.zip (filter section)? I 
> just tried out a couple minutes with them, and they looked made to do the 
> pictures, and not to serve as a general patch.

Actually I meant H10.measurements.pd in the Pd docs, section 3.audio.examples.

>> Some nitpicks: your patches use some objects not available to me, 
>> namely [f+]
>> and [lbang].  I assume they are trivial objects, why didn't you use use 
>> the
>> standard [loadbang] and a [f][+] counter? Also the signal sends etc. are
>> global, which makes it impossible to use the objects to compare two  
>> filters
>> side by side.
> these are my abstractions, you get them in pd-ext/jmmmp. 

It was much faster for me to just replace "lbang" with "loadbang". 

> lbang I use while working on the patch, because it allows me to rebang, 

You probably know this, but it's possible to rebang subpatches (and
abstractions, but only all of them or via namecanvas) by sending them a
"loadbang" message.

> and f+ gives me more options easily than just the "normal" counter. 

which you didn't seem to use. :)

> I might try a diferent approach to the signal sends, involving $0 and
> copy-paste.

I'd recommend to use $1, so people can specify their own target names.


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