[PD] "audio I/O stuck... closing audio" error message

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Aug 24 15:05:08 CEST 2009

Yu Lao wrote:
> IOhannes,
> I'm aware of the sequence of launching apps from OS X - I use Pd there with
> Jack and it works flawlessly. My mac is away for service, so I seriously
> needed to get started with Linux on another computer.
> This time I wanted to be very sure so I checked carefully - the moment Jack
> is selected as audio device in Pd it appears in Jack's connection panel. So
> I made sure that both in and out of Pd are connected to the 'system' and
> after that clicked in Pd on 'apply'. And it is working now :-)  the sky is
> full of violins

cool that it works now.
(it was probably as simple as not having DSP turned on while switching 
to jack)

> I checked on using ALSA directly from Pd but it doesn't work - no feedback
> on the canvas and no output. This is like my audio hardware under OS X which
> also doesn't work directly from Pd. So I didn't really expect it.

i've been using all varieties of rme hardware on Pd and usually i 
don't(!) use jack but plain alsa.

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