[PD] openpanel window popup behaviour

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Tue Aug 25 23:03:20 CEST 2009

On Tue, 25 Aug 2009, glerm soares wrote:

> Is the openpanel popup window for choosing files default behaviour to 
> appear back from the window you are running your patch?

This is because in Pd, all dialogue windows are declared as "transient" 
windows of the main window.

... Whereas in Dd, each dialogue window is declared as a "transient" 
window of the window that had the focus at the moment of window creation. 
This should be what you want it to be 99% of the time.

"Transient" window means a window can't go under a certain other. This is 
supposed to be used for temporary windows that are associated to another 
"non-temporary" window in particular. It seemed to me like the consensus 
of the nineties was to ignore this setting, and at one point the new 
generation of window managers (which became default in linux distros) all 
supported the feature.

> Strange that in ubuntu-gnome with compiz working the default behaviour 
> is not that because the window is poping up in front of all patches. 
> That's the more desirable, but seems that's it is dependent of desktop 
> configs?

There are differences in how the concept of "transience" is interpreted. 
Logically, IMHO, if focussing on a transient window shall raise that 
window, it shall also raise its "parent" window up to just under itself 
(except for any other transient windows of that parent, that have to stay 
on top of the parent anyway).

> Is there anyway to assure the openpanel window will popup in front of 
> the running patch window?

Yes, look in desire.tk...

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