[PD] pd 0.43 branch with the new GUI code

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at at.or.at
Wed Aug 26 06:51:28 CEST 2009

A complete rewrite of Pd's GUI is starting to be usable.  Miller has  
accepted the core of this code into his repo for 0.43.  Now we need to  
get the whole thing done!  There is now a branch for continuing off of  
Miller's initial 0.43 commit here:


There is a wiki page to keep track of progress with build  
instructions, etc.:


Try it out on GNU/Linux or Mac OS X, no one's tried to get it running  
on Windows yet, you could be the first.  Shouldn't be too hard since  
its all Tcl.  There is lots of work left to do, and you can contribute  
in many different ways. We always need testers, try using this Pd  
version in your normal work, and report any and all bugs, problems,  
feature ideas, etc. The simplest way is to contribute code is to  
create a translation for Pd. You can also look thru the Tcl source for  
things marked TODO and take a stab and doing them. If you want to  
improve the GUI, make the new Pd window for example, an announce your  
interest to  pd-dev to make sure there are no duplications of efforts.



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