[PD] call for translations for new Pd GUI

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at at.or.at
Fri Aug 28 01:51:36 CEST 2009

On Aug 27, 2009, at 7:33 PM, András Murányi wrote:

> Hello,
> i've attached an updated hu.po file.
> Translating brought up some questions for me btw:
> - What is 'use callbacks'? sorry i dont have an idea could someone  
> explain please?

That's for interfacing with the audio API, use callbacks instead of  
polling. Its a pretty low level technical thing.

> - Another one i'm not sure i understand: 'ERROR: %s failed to find  
> font size (%s) that fits into %sx%s!'

The object/message boxes have a fixed size.  This code measures the  
font to fit into the existing box sizes.  If it can't find one, then  
it gives this error.  It should really be a warning, since things will  
still work ok.  Basically it would read like this:

ERROR: FreeMono failed to find font size (12) that fits into 7x15
Freemono is the font name
12 is pd's font size
7x15 is size of a character box in pixels.

> - what's the ultimate rationale behind having both Number and  
> Number2 in the menu...?

Number is the simple one, Number2 has more config options and is part  
of the IEM GUI collection.

Please submit it to the patch tracker so we can keep track of what  
need doing :)


> Thanks,
> -- 
> Muranyi Andras
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