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Sat Aug 29 18:15:49 CEST 2009

On Sat, 29 Aug 2009, brandt at subnet.at wrote:

> and i tried to make sqrt from pd, but it does not like -1.

I'm sorry, I didn't explain this one. In the formulas I gave, "i" 
represents square root of -1, but you can't use that as a number in pd 
because pd only supports plain floats and not complex floats. But a 
non-complex number system can be used to make a complex number system, and 
the formulas are usually not very long.

A float can only be half of the data of a complex number. It's called 
complex because it has two parts. The second float stands for the part 
that is a multiple of "i", and the first float stands for the part that is 
not. It's also often considered as a 2-D vector with extra operators, with 
the x (cosine) standing for the real part, and the y (sine) standing for 
the imaginary part.


But don't try to read the whole wikipedia articles on math topics, they're 
huge and contain much stuff you don't need.

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