[PD] [PD-announce] Last Call: PURE LAB Pure Data workshop @ EMITTER19 Berlin 5/6. september 09

C Limbach blackendwhite at web.de
Sat Aug 29 23:09:42 CEST 2009


PureData experimental sound processing WORKSHOP by Jay Barros

5th and 6th of september 2009 @ Emitter19 //// Kiefholzstrasse 19 Berlin
/// start~10am

Pure data is an open source multiplatform graphical oriented programing
language used to create innovative sound and video installations. In
this intensive workshop you will learn how to develop your first patch,
work with HIDS (human interface devices) and how to modulate and push
your sounds to a higher level

more info and registration : emitter19 ät gmail dot com

$$$$$$ Price: circa 20€ for the costs $$$$$$$$

bring Laptops with an installed pure data version (we can also help you
with that) and Equipment / instruments / toys / anything you want..

see you there...


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