[PD] customizing the new Pd GUI, some examples

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at at.or.at
Tue Sep 1 17:44:02 CEST 2009

On Sep 1, 2009, at 10:48 AM, dmotd wrote:

> Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
>> Someone should try to write a segmented patch cord plugin, that  
>> would be
>> a great test of the plugin idea for the new GUI.  I'd be happy to  
>> help
>> someone thru the code, and make any reasonable changes.  I suspect  
>> it'll
>> be hard to work around the fact that the .pd file format doesn't  
>> include
>> a place to store the segmented patch cord data points, but I think it
>> could easily be handled in a separate, parallel file.  It could be  
>> like
>> the .pd is the HTML and this other file is the CSS.
> i have wondered on few occasions if segmented data
> could be stored after the 'connect' message, is
> there something hardcoded that only accept a
> connect selector with a list with 4 floats? would
> adding more floats break the file format?

You could try it for yourself pretty easily.  Here's an easy way to  
find here the "#X connect" message is implemented:

hans at palatschinken:src > grep '"connect"' *.c
g_editor.c:                gensym("#X"), gensym("connect"),
g_editor.c:                        "connect");
g_editor.c:                gensym("#X"), gensym("connect"),
g_editor.c:            binbuf_addv(b, "ssiiii;", gensym("#X"),  
g_editor.c:        gensym("connect"), A_FLOAT, A_FLOAT, A_FLOAT,  
g_readwrite.c:        binbuf_addv(b, "ssiiii;", gensym("#X"),  
m_binbuf.c:                else if (!strcmp(second, "connect")||
m_binbuf.c:                        gensym("#X"), gensym("connect"),
m_binbuf.c:                else if (!strcmp(second, "connect"))
m_binbuf.c:                        gensym("#P"), gensym("connect"),
u_pdsend.c:        sockerror("connect");
u_pdsend.c:        sockerror("connect");
x_net.c:        gensym("connect"), A_SYMBOL, A_FLOAT, 0);

Basically, these two lines are saying that the "connect" message is  
expected to be in 'ssiiii' format. s = symbol, i = integer.  So  
basically, two symbols (#X connect) and four integers (0 1 0 0)
g_editor.c:            binbuf_addv(b, "ssiiii;", gensym("#X"),  
g_readwrite.c:        binbuf_addv(b, "ssiiii;", gensym("#X"),  

First try throwing extra ints in the #X connect messages in  a .pd  
file, and see if that works.  Then try getting those ints in Pd.



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