[PD] another dynamic patching question

dmotd dmotd at gmx.net
Thu Sep 3 11:29:21 CEST 2009

Phil Stone wrote:
> [b]
> |
> [symbol G]
> |
> [; pd-exp-$1 msg 20 235 /analysis/level/$1; (   
> to dynamically add a [/analysis/level/G (  message box to subpatch  
> 'exp-G'.  However, what I really want that message box to say is:
> [/analysis/level/G $1(
> so I can do something useful with that message.  How do I get '$1' into  
> that message box, dynamically?

pd allows you to use:

[float 1(
[msg (X) (Y) selector $$1(
[s pd-patch]

to set a dollar agument dynamically. *however* 
this mechanism is only available in the short term 
- as soon as you save the generator patch and 
reopen it the second dollar will become commented 
'$\$1', so this technique only applies for a once 
only approach - perhaps for generating a large 
repeating structures. this behaviour may in fact 
be a bug?

the technique i've use, which is a bit of 
work-around hackery, is to dynamically create a 
[loadbang]-->[adddollar 1( first, wire that to any 
subsequent message that needs the dollar argument 
appended, and finally call the 'loadbang' for the 
subpatch. its not pretty but works.

perhaps there is a more ellegant solution?


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