[PD] [pd REFERENCE] format [was: Re: Pd META: Author/Help Patch Authors]

Martin Peach martin.peach at sympatico.ca
Sun Sep 6 04:18:16 CEST 2009

Jonathan Wilkes wrote:
> I've been assuming that one of the aims of tags (i.e., keywords) is that 
> there would be a search window in the browser so you can search for 
> relevant help patches/tutorial patches/ etc.  Or maybe an actual patch, 
> since Hans has said that the keywords should be "parsable in pd."  
> There are already some categories from which simple, standard keywords 
> may be used, but for some terms like "frequency modulation" there's the 
> aforementioned problem of the space between the words.  Given that, 
> frequency_modulation is certainly one solution, and users can get 
> used to using underscores when searching, but why not also include "fm" 
> and "modulation" in case the user happens to type that (which would be 
> completely reasonable)

As I see it a tag like "fm" would be associated with synonyms like 
"frequency modulation", "frequency_modulation", "Frequency Modulation" 
"modulation de frequence", "DX7 synthesis" that could be added to it at 
any later date, so a search for any of the synonyms would ultimately 
return whatever was connected to the tag.


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