[PD] [PD-announce] Blank Pages audio performance in Berlin

matohawk matohawk at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 12:43:09 CEST 2009

*Blank Pages a performance *

This weekend join the Blank Pages audio performances in Berlin

*Blank Pages #7 *
Lieu/Place : *Emitter19* <http://emitter19.blogsport.de/>  - 
*Kiefholzstrasse 19 - Berlin *
Date : *05-09-2009 (Saturday)*
Heure/Time : *2pm - 3pm *
5 Participants
Participants : Jorge Antonio Martinez Sanchez - Nicolas/Lain Berger - 
Thomas Thiery - Pierce Warnecke - Felix Pfeifer

*Blank Pages #8*
Place : *NK <http://www.myspace.com/enka52> - Elsen str 52 - Berlin *
Date : *06-09-2009 (Sunday)*
Time : *5pm - 6pm*
6 Participants
Participants : Stefan Tiedje - Renaud Rubiano - Barreiro Servando - João 
Pais - Duan Wasi - Dominik Tresowski

    *After the session #8 at NK there will be a talk*. All public is
    invited to come to have a drink and eat something while talking -
    this will be a great to chance to discuss sound, programming,
    gardening and stock investments.
    A small snack will be provided but if you want to bring any of your
    personal culinary specialities we would be delighted!

The Blank Pages Performance is an improvisation involving live coding, 
where the participants are musicians and instrument makers at the same time.
The performances are never prepared and the participants do not 
necessarily know each other. Each participant has a station on which he 
creates a sound making program in real time using Pure Data or MaxMSP. 
These programming environments allow them to write and modify their code 
while continuing to produce sound and/or video. There is no computer 
connection between the stations : only listening to each other allows 
the participants to play together- the quality of the music produced is 
based on this central idea and it is each performer's responsibility to 
listen as much as possible. This, the score, and the four points below 
are what guides the musician/programmers through the Blank Pages 
1. The performance lasts one hour. This is the length redeemed 
sufficient to construct and develop a dialogue between the performers.
2. Each participant must use one of two programming languages written by 
Miller Puckette ; Pure Data or Max MSP. These programming environments 
were conceived for the real time creation and processing of data, sound
and video.
3. The musician/programmers must begin the performance with a blank 
programming page. They are therefore set in a situation of pure  
improvisation since even there instrument is non-existent at the 
beginning of the set.
4. It is strictly forbidden to load or save a file during the entire 

More informations :
www.blankpages.fr <http://www.blankpages.fr>

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