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Wed Sep 9 19:42:41 CEST 2009

> Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 14:43:49 +0000
> From: babsyco babsyco <babsyco at hotmail.com>

> I think the area of MIDIcontroller technology is so ignored, probably cause
> there's no market fo it cause of that dumb attitude. I wish someone would
> come up with some interesting physical controller that actually requires
> substantial physical effort to manipulate parameters, or at least could
> withstand and respond to it.

 I am always surprised when people have no idea about my casio midi guitar
<http://www.robotcowboy.com/musical-interfaces/digitar/>when it's been
around since the late 80s.  At most they think it's a toy ... *sigh*.  I'm
disappointed that, at this day and age, I can't go buy a digital controller
like this that's new without having to pay money++ aka ztar.  I wish casio
made these in wood+metal.  I have 3 of them now so I can fix the two working
ones if a part breaks.

Oh boy thanks Roland .. I can buy a chaos "kaoss" pad.  Woopty do.  Oh boy
Yamaha, I can buy your latest a greatest keytar reissue which is mostly for
the 80's revivalists.  Or better yet, I can drop $2000+ for a custom super
tactile midi controller from [insert small german electronics company here]
that most people play with feather fingers.  *sigh*

You can't blame just the musicians for making bad performances.  Not
everyone playing music is a hardware hacker, etc like many of us on the
list, so unless more interfaces are available, then people won't use them.

Dan Wilcox
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