[PD] [PD-ot] RSS feeds from puredata.info

Jack jack at rybn.org
Thu Sep 10 13:56:54 CEST 2009

Yep ! it works now.
Very nice job Iohannes and thanx again for your effort and for the last
release of GEM.
Just a last remark : i get the news in wrong order in Drupal because, i
think,  you "touched" the old feeds :) So Gem 0.92.0 released! is the
last news (you can see the last update of the news with something like
'3 hours 40 min ago'). Here is what i get :

pdcon09 papers 
3 hours 26 min ago 
papers presented at the pdcon09 available for download! 
Categories: PureData/GEM 
Pd-extended 0.41.4 released! 
3 hours 26 min ago 
Categories: PureData/GEM 
new Pd book:loadbang - Programming Electronic Music in Pd 
3 hours 26 min ago 
Johannes Kreidler released his Pd-tutorial. He wrote the tutorial in the
last years with the help of a grant by the Music University of
Freiburg / Germany, is now online, in english and in german. It is also
available as a book (paperback) at Wolke Publishing House. 
Categories: PureData/GEM 
Pd 0.42-5 released 
3 hours 27 min ago 
Pd version 0.42-5 is ready 
Categories: PureData/GEM 
Gem 0.92.0 released! 
3 hours 40 min ago 
Gem 0.92.0 has been released 
Categories: PureData/GEM 



Le jeudi 10 septembre 2009 à 10:35 +0200, IOhannes m zmoelnig a écrit :
> IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
> > 
> > my guess is, that feeds works correctly, but drupal uses some timeout 
> > mechanism in order to discard old items.
> > since the news feed on puredata is not very heavily used, most items are 
> > already too old to be included in the drupal aggregator.
> and with this in mind i checked the "settings" of the drupal feed 
> aggregator and indeed it does say "discard items older than: '16 weeks'"
> seems to be a debatable feature of drupal; see http://drupal.org/node/60468
> fgadmr
> IOhannes

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