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Hey Si,

Lots of good ideas there.  They are all possible, they would probably  
all require changes on the C side as well as the Tcl side, but nothing  
too bad.  My dev activities right now are focused on tying up all the  
loose ends with the new GUI, so I won't be able to take on anything  
new like this.  That said, while I am immersed in this, it would be a  
great time to try your hand at it since I can make adjustments to the  
GUI code to make these kinds of things possible.

One place to start would be color properties, since that can happen in  
only Tcl.  The array elements now have a Tk tag 'array' so you can  
configure them.  Check out the included plugin that does just that pd/ 


On Sep 10, 2009, at 5:14 AM, Si Mills wrote:

> Hi Hans/DEv Tem
> I have a couple of ideas for the Array/Table object, mainly visual:
> Hide Array name - doesn't seem to be working.
> Would it be possible to limit the array vertically? This would make  
> manually entering values for a sequencer more usable.
> Allow a step value for each slider, so selecting increments is  
> easier  - I guess an Array in Pd is a array of multi-sliders in a  
> sense
> Expand appearance - the array indexes could be solid bars
> Event listeners - so onMouseUp over an array could trigger something
> Colour properties!
> ....
> I know this is probably flawed for I know not the inner technical  
> workings of Pd, or for its purposes, there are other more suitable  
> methods for gui interaction, but is any of this possible?
> cheers
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