[PD] Live processing of audio input

Jerome Covington info at thespacebetweenthewords.org
Sun Sep 13 02:11:44 CEST 2009

This will probably seem sufficiently vague for many, but hopefully one
or two on the list has a patch they'd care to share.

I'm play with an experimental improv noise band, who I normally
perform on a traditional elec gtr, amp set up with some fuzz and delay
pedals and shape and manipulate feedback.

For our next round of rehearsals, gigs, I'd like to see what can be
achieved gtr, laptop running pd.

I'm new to pd so it would be really helpful if any of you out there
have worked in a similar arrangement and would like to share patches
for processing similar types of audio input in a similar setting.

If there's any clarity I can provide, please ask!

Jerome Covington
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"define audio development"

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