[PD] Help with patch needed: keyname/route + textfile/gem

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Mon Sep 14 13:43:41 CEST 2009

Hi James,

James Dunn wrote:

> 1) Using keyname, the number keys don't work with route - why is this? 
> Character keys and the Function keys work fine, but I would like to use 
> the number keys as well.

Number keys work with [key], however then they are ASCII value, which 
you would have to translate (maybe via a lookup to a [textfile] or [col] 
object) to their actual names.

> 3) I just tried running the gem window and triggering the sample at the 
> same time and the audio was stuttering constantly! Any ideas for a solution?

Bigger buffer/latency perhaps, but the best way is to separate the GEM 
and the audio threads by running two instances of Pd, one with -noaudio 
for GEM and the other for audio, and then use OSC or netsend/netreceive 
to communicate between the two running instances. A shell script of some 
kind would be best to start both instances with the proper patches.


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