[PD] new GUI screenshots

András Murányi muranyia at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 01:02:57 CEST 2009

2009/9/15 Hans-Christoph Steiner <hans at at.or.at>

> On Sep 14, 2009, at 3:38 PM, András Murányi wrote:
> Cool. Unfortunately I've never done TCL and my C is somewhat archaic...
> that's why I cannot volunteer to do these.
> I knew nothing of Tcl before Pd.  Its a little wierd but pretty easy.
So... TCL is weird indeed... ;o)
I made up the tabs, but I don't want to brute-regex every message so I need
to catch where [print] generates user-made messages. Can you help me with
I've attached the tabs stuff at its current state - WARNING it doesn't make
any sense at this point!
It will require ttk/8.5 as it seems tabs were not available internally
before 8.5.

Muranyi Andras
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