[PD] Mirror video & save picture, how?

simoniten at hispeed.ch simoniten at hispeed.ch
Sun Sep 20 02:22:46 CEST 2009

hi list,
this is my first post...
i try to make a patch which will mirror my webcaminput and then display it. to be more precise: it should take half of the picture and send it to the other side, where normally the other half would be, additionally it should be mirrored horizontally. the effect achieved looks like a photobooth effect (in osx) don't know the name though. so the patch is fairly easy to setup. i just did a pix_crop to get half of the webcam and then sent the signal through two pix_separator's. after i applied on one a pix_flip horizontally. to display this i used two pix_textures going to two rectangle objects. the positioning is done via translateXYZ. so far so good. i can see the picture that i want in the gemwindow. 
        however, i see no way to save the picture. the pix_write object just takes one pix "stream", so the mirroring effect will be lost. is there a way to combine to streams into one again, like pix_join or merge? or is there another way? 
        also, the positioning of the first rectangle does affect the positioning of the second, if i move the first (created) rectangle via translateXYZ the second one get's moved as well. why is that? maybe i do it all wrong, im not an experienced pd/gem user, just did audio so far.
        thanks for your time and answers,
        ps: i attached the patch.
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