[PD] Mirror video & save picture, how?

Marco Donnarumma devel at thesaddj.com
Sun Sep 20 20:59:33 CEST 2009

Hi Simon,
answers below

> hi list,
> this is my first post...
> i try to make a patch which will mirror my webcaminput and then display it.
> to be more precise: it should take half of the picture and send it to the
> other side, where normally the other half would be, additionally it should
> be mirrored horizontally. the effect achieved looks like a photobooth effect
> (in osx) don't know the name though. so the patch is fairly easy to setup. i
> just did a pix_crop to get half of the webcam and then sent the signal
> through two pix_separator's. after i applied on one a pix_flip horizontally.
> to display this i used two pix_textures going to two rectangle objects. the
> positioning is done via translateXYZ. so far so good. i can see the picture
> that i want in the gemwindow.
>        however, i see no way to save the picture. the pix_write object just
> takes one pix "stream", so the mirroring effect will be lost. is there a way
> to combine to streams into one again, like pix_join or merge? or is there
> another way?

[pix_write] takes a snapshot of everything is rendered in the GEM window. It
doesn't have anything to do with different pix_ streams (different [gemhead]
I don't see [pix_write] in your patch anyway try:

[gemhead 99]

sending [auto 0( message to [pix_write] makes it take a snapshot everytime
you send a bang.
[auto 1( message makes it take a snapshot of every rendered frame (so 25fps
means you will get 25 snapshot per second).

>        also, the positioning of the first rectangle does affect the
> positioning of the second, if i move the first (created) rectangle via
> translateXYZ the second one get's moved as well. why is that? maybe i do it
> all wrong, im not an experienced pd/gem user, just did audio so far.

You could try to substitute [pix_separator] with [separator]. This way here
everything is working fine.

>        thanks for your time and answers,
>        simon
>        ps: i attached the patch.

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