[PD] OS X MIDI startup options

Maurice Leysens signedup at leysens.com
Mon Sep 21 14:31:23 CEST 2009

I am a newbie to PD (but not to programming) and i was unable to find  
the archives to this list to search for my question before asking it.

I am interested in running Pd on a headless Mac mini. Where the mini  
simply becomes an OSC and MIDI processor. But it will require Pd to  
start up with a selected input and output port. It does not appear to  
do that. The Tcl/Tk interface does not store the last known  
configuration, forcing you to select the in/out manually each time. I  
found a set of command line options, such as -miniindev -midioutdev. i  
tried them along the lines of ./Pd-extended -midioutdev 'midiiac' or - 
midioutdev 'MidiPipe Input 1' but no luck. The options appear to  
befavoring Linux and a device such as /dev/midi.

Is there a was to have a port configured at startup on the OS X  
version? My goal is to simply be able to turn on the mini and connect  
using an OSC transmitting device or a controller.

thanks so much


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