[PD] vanilla, extended, svn and x86_64

dmotd inaudible at simplesuperlativ.es
Thu Sep 24 02:51:47 CEST 2009

András Murányi wrote:
>     thanks to this script :
>     http://aur.archlinux.org/packages/pd-extended-svn/pd-extended-svn/PKGBUILD
>     I have now pd-0.42.5-extended and a lot of libs running on x86_64 ! nice :)
> Sounds hot! Could you explain how to use this script?

andrás, the 'script' is an archlinux PKGBUILD, 
distributed in the arch-user-repository. its 
simply a set of build instructions used by the 
arch-build-system to assemble a package which can 
then be installed with the archlinux packager 
'pacman'. all this is similar to *bsd ports or 
gentoo ebuilds and every linux distribution has 
its own helper instructions for packaging - this 
ones just for archlinux.

i suggested pierre take a look at it, to 
demonstrate what is involved for building 
pd-extended from svn.

relevant info:

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