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Thu Sep 24 20:32:39 CEST 2009

zmoelnig wrote:
> Damien Henry wrote:
> > Hello !
> > 
> > Where can I find documentation about pd.lib ?
> > Does anyone on the list turn pd into a library ? for creating a DSP
> > engine for instance ?
> no.
> this is how Pd has always been built by miller on w32.
> pd.exe/pd.com is just a tiny wrapper that calls the main-loop within pd.lib
> nothing like a libpd

Well pd.lib is actually a kind of list of function entry points in pd.dll, which is the real shared library.

pd.exe and pd.com jump to a function sys_main() in pd.dll.

sys_main then starts up the whole gui, unless it was called with the -nogui argument. 

pd.lib only exists for the linker to find the code and isn't required at run-time. With the M$ linker it's needed to associate the symbols (function names in Pd) with entry points (pointers to Pd code), when building externals.

Nothing stops you using code within pd.dll as library code. It's just like a libpd except for the requirement to know ahead of time where the functions are located, which is why pd.lib is there. Practically it's nearly useless as a lib because everything is interrelated, but you could probably fake a call to the perform routine of osc~ without otherwise using the dsp graph; or use some utility function.


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