[PD] slight problem with 8in 8out audio patch

Jilt van Moorst robotfunk at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 12:05:28 CEST 2009

I'm having some trouble with this patch I'm making for an
installation. I'll say upfront it has been years since I've touched
PD.. but this one has me stumped

what I expected to happen

there are 4 zones, each with 2 microphones and 2 speakers. when moving
through the zones your audio is recorded and played back the next zone
like this

enter zone 1
record mic 1 + 2

enter zone 2
record mic 3+4
playback recording from 1+2 over speaker 3+4

enter zone 3
record mic 5+6
playback recording from 3+4 over speaker 5+6

enter zone 4
record mic 7+8
playback recording from 3+4 over speaker 7+8

the recording is going more or less fine but no sound is being played back..
could anyone take a look at this patch ( you need audio card with 8in
and 8out to test) and tell me what I'm doing wrong? maybe not waiting
long enough before playing back the recorded files?

the patch is here

you need a 8in/8out to test it, would be much appreciated if someone
would take a look at it.

Jilt van Moorst

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