[PD] slight problem with 8in 8out audio patch

ypatios ypatios at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 13:40:49 CEST 2009


2009/9/25 Jilt van Moorst <robotfunk at gmail.com>

> OK, well 'visually' it seems like the number boxes are getting filled
> (i see a delay between the bangs for each stage, otherwise they would
> all happen at the same time) but I will look at it.
yes, that is what the "set" message does to numberboxes: it updates their
content (also visually) but doesn't let them send this new content to their
outlet ;-)

> and a question: you have a reason for using the HDD instead of RAM?
> Yes. I (think I ) know how, unlike using RAM. Could you give me a hint
> on how to do the same in RAM?
Instead of [writesf~] and [readsf~] try using [tabwrite~] and [tabplay~] (or
[tabread4~ for more flexibility..) accordingly.
Unfortunately, i have no time now to give you more info, please try the help
files! :-)


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