[PD] Very large patches unstable?

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at at.or.at
Wed Dec 2 06:53:04 CET 2009

There are a bunch of poly objects for Pd, I use nqpoly4 all the time,  
then there is polypoly~ and others.  I've certainly used patches with  
500-1000 abstraction instances without problem, I guess I haven't  
tried 4600.


On Nov 30, 2009, at 1:09 PM, Stephen Lucas wrote:

> I'm experiencing some instability with a patch that is very large.
> Basically, I have an abstraction that does some calculations between  
> a send and receive, whose names are controlled by the creation  
> arguments of the abstraction.
> I made a little patch to create 68x68 of these (yes, I really need  
> that many), and correctly place them on the canvas so that they  
> don't overlap graphically. As far as I can tell, they all created  
> fine and I even managed to save the patch. I did use a text editor  
> to manually increase the size of the canvas, since message based  
> object creation will not automatically resize the canvas if  
> something will be past the bounds of the canvas.
> I've been getting inconsistant problems (crashing) with what I can  
> only assume is an issue with a patch this large (4624 objects). If I  
> understand things correctly, these abstractions do not have any DSP  
> objects and should not be consuming large quantities of system  
> resources if they're just hanging around, waiting to be used. I  
> suspect the problem may mainly be linked to actually looking at the  
> patch, which I don't need to do, but I don't feel confident using a  
> patch that is always cheating death. If I don't look at the patch  
> and just load it as an abstraction in another patch, it seems much  
> more stable, but still takes a long time to create, delete, open, or  
> close.
> Has anyone else seen this problem and am I crazy for trying to do  
> this? In Max I probably would have tried to approach this using  
> poly~, but I don't know any objects in pd that have similar methods  
> of creating several instances of an abstraction. If this is simply a  
> problem of having a very large canvas, I could compartmentalize the  
> abstractions to solve that.
> Thanks to anyone who puts in their 2cents.
> -Stephen
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