[PD] Very large patches unstable?

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Dec 2 18:01:38 CET 2009

Matteo Sisti Sette wrote:
>> [.......]
>> allowing the user to go "beyond limits" usually involves more
>> sophisticated code: easier to make errors, easier to create bugs.
> Well yes, I agree with that, or I understand that.
> Does that mean that we should be happy with the presence of bugs?
> Seems like you're saying: "What do you prefer, a boring, simple, limited
> but rock-solid software, or a powerful, flexible [whatever positive
> adjective you may want to add here] but buggy one?"
> Well if I, as a user, had to choose I would probably agree with you in
> chosing the second one, but you, as a developer, are [should be/may
> be/whatever] committed to go towards the goal of the flexible, powerful
> [etc] AND rock-solid software...

i am sure that everyone agrees with that.
it is only, that bugs do happen. and i think that they happen more often
when writing more complicated code.

not everybody here is called knuth.

> Jesus, are we discussing whether bugs should be fixed or not?????????

i don't think we are discussing that (at least i hope; the thread seems
to have the tendency towards such a discussion; i want to avoid it, as
the answer is clear for me anyhow).
in order to avoid more confusion: yes, i agree that all bugs should be

(note that i don't _believe_ that all bugs _can_ be fixed; but this
another thing)

> I am a developer also (or I consider myself such), though I don't
> develop in C++; obviously my work is way way simpler than something even
> comparable to a software like PD. 

i wish people would stop saying that there work is inferior than others
they build upon.
it's only slightly more annoying than people saying there work is better
than the ones they build upon :-)
(seriously: don't make yourself worse than you are; even if you cannot
write something comparable to Pd, you can probably write things that
those writing Pd cannot do)

>> but if somebody is ready to shout "your work frustrates me", than they
>> should be prepared to get an answer "your statement frustrates me".
>> i think there's equal rights about frustrations and expressing them.
> Well I must recognize you are right here.
> But please be sure I didn't mean to "shout".

oh, i said i was polemic.


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