[PD] snapshot misteries, bang to gemhead

cyrille henry ch at chnry.net
Mon Dec 7 13:30:05 CET 2009

are you sure you send the good patch?
this one is not "very simple" and does involve pix_snap.

Matteo Sisti Sette a écrit :
> Yes the issue is indeed much simpler and [pix_snap] is not involved.
> Attached is a very simple patch with a square and a sphere. The bang 
> forces a render. If you move the sphere far behind the square and hit 
> the bang, you can see a "flash" of the red sphere just close to the eye, 
> as if it was in the opposite position than usual.
> Is it normal, and if so, what is the explanation???
> Matteo Sisti Sette escribió:
>> Hi,
>> I'm working on a patch (not the attached one which is an example that 
>> isolates the problem), where from time to time I need to take a 
>> snapshot of the whole scene and "draw" it as a texture on a rectangle 
>> which is on the background.
>> (when the patch is finished I think I will be allowed to share it, for 
>> what it's worth)
>> I have it all working fine, but than I came into a problem: sometimes, 
>> I have to send a message to take the snapshot, and immediately after, 
>> send some other message that changes something on the scene, which has 
>> to happen AFTER the snapshot.
>> Since I am taking snapshots in the "classic" way, that is, opening a 
>> spigot on the gemlist that comes to the [pix_snap], the snapshot is 
>> actually deferred until the next render; this is a problem because I 
>> need to "defer" any other message that has to take effet just after 
>> the sbapshot; this can be done but i'd like to avoid all the 
>> complications.
>> I thought that a solution would be to force a render just after any 
>> snapshot, by sending a bang to the gemhead that is rendering everithing.
>> However, the result is not what I expected and I really can't 
>> understand why.
>> That's why I am asking for your help.
>> So, the attached patch is a simplification, in which I draw an 
>> initially white square and a sphere. If you hit the big bang (sorry 
>> for the pun), a snapshot of the scene is taken via [pix_snap] and it 
>> becomes the texture of the square. You can use the number box to move 
>> the sphere around.
>> Now, if I make the connection where it says "connect this", what I am 
>> doing is just provoking a bang to the gemhead just after opening the 
>> spigot to the pix_snap. What I would expect is that it should work 
>> exactly the same as before (with the difference that an extra frame is 
>> rendered between two "normal" frames, and that's the moment the 
>> snapshot is taken; but this difference should not be "visible").
>> However, the observed behaviour is not this. The snapshot that is 
>> taken and "printed" on the texture is not the scene, but some 
>> aberration of it. If you leave the sphere wher it is, it will usually 
>> render and snap an all-black scene; but if you move the sphere to the 
>> back, behind the square, the snapshot will take the sphere very near 
>> to the "eye"......
>> I really don't understand. Doesn't the bang to the gemhead provoke a 
>> full render of everything just the same as it is rendered when a new 
>> frame occurs? Then why is the scene rendered differently when I do the 
>> bang????
>> I guess this could be further isolated to something regarding the bang 
>> to gemhead, i.e. without involving pix_snap; of course with a "fast" 
>> enough to see what happens during a single extra frame....
>> Thanks in advance
>> By the way, thanks to all who gave me example patches some days ago 
>> which have helped me building this patch.
>> m.
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