[PD] message box issue with blank spaces

Bryan Jurish jurish at uni-potsdam.de
Wed Dec 9 11:01:31 CET 2009

moin moin,

On 2009-12-09 10:37:10, ypatios <ypatios at gmail.com> appears to have written:
> Hello
> Very interesting observation.
> i guess it has to do with the openpanel and savepanel objects. It's
> probably a special kind of symbol that represents the possible spaces
> (which in reality are no spaces anyway..) for compatibility with the OS.

Not really -- there's nothing "special" about the *symbols* at all.
Frank is right: the difficulty is in (re-)parsing them, which needs to
happen when loading a patch, which means "funny" characters like spaces
would need to be escaped when saving a patch, but pd lacks an escaping
mechanism (e.g. in binbuf_text(), binbuf_add(), etc.).

> Obviously you can't create such a message within pd. Unfortunately ..

It's certainly not comfortable to create such symbols, but it is
possible: you can use [list2symbol] from zexy to create symbols with
spaces quite easily.  Even in vanilla pd, you can do:

[makefilename foo%cbar]

... which will create & print a single symbol "foo bar" (pipe it to
[list length] if you don't believe me ;-)


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