[PD] jack settings versus pd jack settings

Martin Schied crinimal at gmx.net
Sat Dec 12 15:08:21 CET 2009

michael noble wrote:
> Martin,
> Thanks for the clarification. Is this actually documented anywhere, or 
> is it one of those learning from experience situations?
Hi Michael

I think I read about that in the list once and also found things out by 
experimenting with it.

I tried to get some official Information to this on puredata.info, 
flossmanuals and through google - I only found this thread giving the 
information (didn't search in the mail archives). I now made a change to 
http://en.flossmanuals.net/PureData/ConfiguringPD, it was the first 
google match for "puredata delay jack" and also has additional 
informations related to this. I hope this is ok for all authors of the 

Changing the audio dialog itself for jack would be far more intuitive - 
so you wouldn't have to read a manual at all. For command line users a 
small note on jack would also be nice.

until now it's:

-audiobuf <n>    -- specify size of audio buffer in msec

it could be

-audiobuf <n>    -- specify size of audio buffer in msec (overriden by jack)

or if there are more audi APIs which override this setting

-audiobuf <n>    -- specify size of audio buffer in msec (overriden for 
some audio API)


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