[PD] Videogrid for osx, pix_, pdp_, freeframe for osx, beginning ARToolkit patch

Pagano, Patrick pat at digitalworlds.ufl.edu
Sat Dec 12 18:40:48 CET 2009


I wouls still like to get videogrid & pdp_freeframe/pix_freeframe working on osx. 
Pd-extended builds colorgrid, pdp_frei0r and pdp_freeframe properly 
but pix_preview and videogrid do not build properly.
I am not sure if there is just no proper makefile or if i am missing the proper ffmpeg libraries.

pdp_freeframe produces a pdp_freeframe but is unusable because it does not recognize the .frf files for my freeframe plugins (non-FFGL)
pix_freeframe recognizes them but i cannot load more than one at a time quickly.

i could use pdp_frei0r and pdp2gem to use pix_freeframe with videogrid for an awesome VJ app on OSX.

Can someone help with getting either freeframe plugins to work with pdp_freefame or producing a working videogrid.pd_darwin

I recall Iohannes saying we might could change up pix_freeframe?
Hans can you assist with videogrid?

here is the beginnings of a ARToolkit fun patch...with loading movies onto cubes and noteouts silliness

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