[PD] pix_mulitblob and matrix

olsen sesselastronaut at googlemail.com
Sun Dec 13 15:30:14 CET 2009

mtx_slice finally fullfills my need to get certain elements like 
rows/colums of a matrix. might be nice to have this listed in the 
matrix-help.pd down in the 'see also help for' section?

olsen wrote:
> IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
>> olsen wrote:
>>> hi
>>> thanks to IOhannes indications i'm feeding my pix_mulitblob output into
>>> the iemmatrix now. as long as there're enough blobs in the picture it
>>> works pretty nice. but as soon as there're less blobs than given in the
>>> argument to pix_multiblob i get:
>>> error: $43: argument number out of range
>>> error: $44: argument number out of range
>> without looking at the patch, i can tell you that this is because you
>> are actually _not_ using iemmatrix for handling the matrix.
>> instead your patch tries to manually parse the data using dollargs and
>> whatelse; which obviously fails if there are too few arguments (because
>> the matrix is too small)
> indeed i'm using matrix - at least i'm trying to - but i might handle 
> the matrix data the wrong way. i could not find indications within the 
> matrix help on how to handle the data 'correctly' means without gettin 
> this error. so the way i solved it within the attached patch might be 
> stupid, but i'll appreciate any alternative!
>>> ...
>>> for all the arguments of undetected blobs. and as soon as there's no
>>> blob in the picture the pd-shell reports:
>>> matrix : corrupt matrix passed
>> this indicates that you _are_ using iemmatrix here.
>> if no blobs are detected, pix_multiblob will output a somewhat illegal
>> matrix with zero rows (and a number of columns).
>> now iemmatrix complains that this is not a legal matrix.
>> probably putting a [mtx_check] helps to get rid of the error (or not)
> no mtx_check doesn't change it
> thanks for your help
> olsen
>>> do i do something wrong?
>> no.
>> fgmasdr
>> IOhannes

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