[PD] video formats to perform on PD (Gem or pd-gpg)

Blinge blingesagger at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 04:43:04 CET 2009

Hi there!

I have just looking for a solution so much time but i didnt found a 
really good performance for my video-play on pd.

I've got so many videos from my own library ready to play on resolume on 
diferent formats. Now i want to set some (maybe all) of them to use my 
own pd patch.

I think the best performance video format to use on pd is "quicktime 
still frames" My doubt is: Is that correct? Or is there any other option 
for me to test?

I think Gem has 'a little' more possibilities than gpg. Isnt it? And in 
that case... Which are the best performance formats to run by Gem?

So if some of u can give me a little advice about file conversions on 
linux (to get best performance on pd) i would be glad to thank you for 
ur great help!

My usual OS now is an Ubuntu Karmic (9.10)

My source formats now are:

IV50 (my old video-libary)

raw DV format (captured directly from my dv-camera)

mp4 (captured in streets at day with my mobile phone camera)

And so many others that are not so important.

Thank u all for reading and have a nice day!


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