[PD] glsl geometry error "GL: invalid operation"

Matthias Neuenhofer matthias at neuenhofer.de
Sat Dec 19 17:22:15 CET 2009

hello cyrille,

here i add texture, input for the amount of distance and 3 bangs to change between fill, line and point draw.
more clicks more fun in the example ;)
also reduced the draw types trifan and tristrip didn´t work on the mesh_square. so i add the shorts, draw P L T S,
defined in GemShape.cpp

i´m working on MacBookPro 10.6.2 GeForce 8600M GT
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Am 18.12.2009 um 20:57 schrieb cyrille henry:

> Matthias Neuenhofer a écrit :
>> hello
>> the default draw type from circle is POLYGON and this doesn´t work with
>> the default geometry in - and outtypes, geometry_intype GL_TRIANGLES, geometry_outtype GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP. 
> hum, strange,
> this exemple work for me.
> what is your GPU / OS?
> did you mind if i use your version of this exemple to update Gem documentation?
> Cyrille
>> Change circle to mesh_square than it will work. (default draw type is TRIANGLE_STRIP) attached is the modified patch with the possibility to change the draw type.
>> The geometry_types must been set before linking the shaders, to change types the shaders must reload.
>> lg
>> Matthias
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>> Am 17.12.2009 um 10:48 schrieb IOhannes m zmoelnig:
>>> sleeping birds wrote:
>>>> hello kind pders,
>>>> i have trouble figuring out, why the 10.geometry help-patch does not
>>>> work for me.
>>>> starting rendering constantly prints out "GL: invalid operation" to the
>>>> console.
>>> apart from the printout, does it work?
>>> (sometimes you get an error even though everything appears to work)
>>>> i tried finding out, whether it was a limitation of my gpu, but don't
>>>> think so since i am using a Nvidia 9600M GT on a macbook pro (and once
>>>> saw a list somewhere, where the opengl version and features where listed).
>>> you can send [print( to the [gemwin] to get such a thing.
>>> in theory, Gem shouldn't even call a code that is not supported by your
>>> driver.
>>> fgmasdr
>>> IOhannes
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