[PD] Advice on how to handle latency in linux with Pd, jack and ardour

Lorenzo lsutton at libero.it
Tue Dec 22 11:43:05 CET 2009

I've been lately messing around with a fairly straight forward 
configuration sending audio from ardour to Pd's adc~ (through jack) and 
back to ardour via MIDI (for controlling automations) or audio 
(trivially re-recording Pd's dac~ output).

In the case of MIDI latency seems no perceptible problem.

In the case of audio, where the audio is of course 'processed' in the Pd 
patch and eventually 'goes back' to ardour, there is latency.
This of course is expected for the nature itself of jack, what I'd like 
to know at this stage is not how to /remove/ latency but the best way(s) 
to /handle/ it (possibly even through raising the latency itself, as for 
the moment I'm not doing real-time), for example if there were some way 
to compensate it automatically (or at least in some 'smart' way).
At the moment the best solution is to manually re-align the slightly 
delayed audio.

Any input welcome.

Kind regards,
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