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Sat Dec 26 22:29:48 CET 2009

Quoting "cyrille henry" <ch at chnry.net>:

> zmoelnig at iem.at a écrit :
> ...
>> should be fairly simple to write an abstraction that wraps  
>> vanilla's [wrap] into the zexy version.
> wrap is problematic, because if you use the zexy version, and then  
> use your patch on an other computer without zexy : you will not have  
> any warning and your patch may not work.

i know,l but i cannot do anything short of rolling back the time.

> usually, you have an error because of missing object...

i would suggest that the vanilla [wrap] should refuse to create (or at  
least throw a serious warning) when it is invoked with arguments.

or even better: the vanilla wrap would just clone the behaviour of  
zexy's wrap.
while the code for it is right now GPL, i would consider  
dual-licensing it under BSD in order to get it into vanilla :-)



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