[PD] vu analog style scale?

ypatios ypatios at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 01:59:53 CET 2010


i understand that for sound level representation in the digital domain, a
special dB scale is used: The dB full scale (or dBFS). In this scale 0dB
represents the maximum possible magnitude of a sample before clipping (e.g.:
I noticed the scale on the vu object and it seems it has an analog look,
meaning it has some 12dB "headroom" above 0dB.
Now, in most audio software (editors like audacity, plug-ins etc..) level
meters go usually to 0dB max, and there is just an indicator to notify when
clipping occurs.

So what is the use of the analod style scale of vu?
Would it be meaningful to offset the incoming values to make use of the
visual space above 0dB or would it mess up the scaling?

thanks :)

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