[PD] delwrite~ with dynamic length

hard off hard.off at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 01:32:50 CET 2010

when you think about it, in order to access data written, say 10 seconds
ago, then you need to have written that data in the first place.  so, for
variable delaytimes, you have to choose the longest delay you will need, and
set your delaywrite to that length.

if you don't need realtime behaviour, and need to conserve cpu, then a
workaround would be to have delwrite/read pairs of increasing lengths in
subpatches, with [switch~] objects turning off all the subptaches except the
one in current use.

if you do that, and switch between delays in realtime, you're going to get
all sorts of time-scrambled junk while the buffers fill up.
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