[PD] [ot] mailing list (was Re: [env~ ] vs [vsnapshot~ ]: which one is more cpu consuming?)

IOhannes zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sat Feb 6 16:07:02 CET 2010

ypatios wrote:
> Do my emails fail to reach the list or are my questions that irrelevant?
> it feels kind of spooky out here..

if you don't trust the list server, why have you disabled mail-delivery
to "you too" (that is: receiving your own mails sent to the list)?

furthermore, all emails will turn up in the archives.
eg. have a look at

then there is a mailinglist to newsgroup gateway (see

but finally: there is patience! this is a mailinglist and not a chat. if
you need your answer within minutes, better try IRC


PS: ah yes, and there is the pd-ot mailing list, which is probably more
suitable for discussion on whether or not to include the prefix in the

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