[PD] [env~ ] vs [vsnapshot~ ]: which one is more cpu consuming?

ypatios ypatios at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 10:34:27 CET 2010


By using [block~ 1], you're
> increasing the number of clock calls, and the arithmetic for finding
> an index is kind of wasted since the block is only one sample long.
> Maybe it would be best to avoid [block~] and bang vsnapshot~ with a
> metro set to 1/44.1 ms.  You'd at least be reducing the number of
> clock_getlogicaltime() calls.
 Thanks for that. I had no idea that there would be a difference between the

All this being said, the CPU load difference between these setups is
> basically nothing on my 2.5GHz MacBook Pro.  I guess the differences
> would start to emerge if you compared dozens of instances of each.
Yeah, in my tests i got notable differences from about 512 to 1024

> Hope that helps...
Not only did it help, it made my day. I hope the time you spend peaking in
the code will be useful to you and others.

Thank you

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