[PD] peak amplitude in pd vanilla (was: [env~ ] vs [vsnapshot~ ]: which one is more cpu consuming?)

William Brent william.brent at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 03:14:10 CET 2010

> Note that [metro] has a lower limit of 1 ms, so you need to make your own metro-abstraction.

Ah - I had no idea that this was true.  I suggested using a metro with
a rate of 1/44.1 ms as an alternative to [block~ 1], but I guess
there's no way around it...

It seems like the best thing to have for this case would be an extern
that just reports the level of the peak sample in each block.  Time
resolution would be limited to the 64 sample block size, but there's
probably not much need for this to be faster, right?  And you could
always reblock if you need more.  Maybe you're looking for a purely
vanilla solution to this, but if not, the extern would be quick to
make if someone hasn't made it already.  Let me know and I'd be happy
to do it.


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