[PD] [bendout]

Laurent WILLKOMM willkomm at pt.lu
Wed Feb 10 13:58:39 CET 2010

what is the input range of the [bendout] object?
bendout-help in pd-extended says "0..127", but several lines later 
Trying in Ubuntu with alsa-midi, [bendout] accepts values -8191 to 8192, 
but sends other data bytes than I (and my MIDI-to-DMX-Interface) 
expected. (fine 0, coarse 0 to fine 127 coarse 63 for inputs 0 to 8191, 
fine 0 coarse 64 to fine 127 coarse 127 for input -8192 to -1).

Noise Watchers Unlimited
Philharmonie de Luxembourg

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