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Tue Feb 16 08:50:43 CET 2010

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> Hey guys -
> I'm not entirely sure if this is the correct place for this question but
> here goes:
> I consider myself to be fairly proficient with pd and recently I have been
> getting excited about python through a computer science class at my
> university.  I was especially excited to learn that it is possible to use
> python to script objects in pd using py/pyext and purity.  I've become quite
> frustrated, however because i haven't been able to figure out how to get
> these libraries/modules to work.  I'm running OSX leopard with a highly
> customized version of pd-extended.
> Anybody have any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Pat

Alright I'm feeling like a real n00b here but i've got another question:  I
was trying to install the binaries for the older flext libraries and they
are in .pd_darwin format.  It's not working on my version of pd so I was
wondering if there is an easy workaround or if I am going to have to compile
the source myself.  And if so, could someone give me a few pointers in that
direction.  Like I said, working with code is a new thing to me and i'm
stabbing around in the dark.
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