[PD] jack on through console?

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Mon Feb 22 10:35:27 CET 2010

Hey again,

at the bottom of this page:


under "Advanced scripting for starting Pd" is a sample script I wrote to 
start Jack, start Pd, start SooperLooper and then use aconnect to hook 
them all together. Would something like this help you?


João Pais wrote:
> Hi,
> actually I don't want to start/stop many times. I just have a complex 
> setup now (jack+jackrack+pd+ardour), and wanted to start them all with 
> one bash command. the gui of qjackctl would be necessary, for when I 
> have to create/remove connections (although I can already make jack 
> connections faster with my pd patch)

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