[PD] problems getting openCV to work in pd (pix_opencv) on OSX 10.6

Sebastian Wolf sebastian.wolf at online.de
Mon Feb 22 16:47:28 CET 2010

hi all,

I tried to install the OpenCV libary for pure data but it won't work
I get the following error:

/Users/zwolle/Library/Pd/pix_opencv/extra/pix_opencv_threshold.pd_darwin: dlopen(/Users/zwolle/Library/Pd/pix_opencv/extra/pix_opencv_threshold.pd_darwin, 10): Symbol not found: __ZNK12GemException6reportEv
  Referenced from: /Users/zwolle/Library/Pd/pix_opencv/extra/pix_opencv_threshold.pd_darwin
  Expected in: dynamic lookup

... couldn't create

…and since i'm really new to pure data and all that stuff i don't understand what this error means or what i'm supposed to do to solve this; so i hope for your help :(


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