[PD] [PD-announce] GridFlow 0.9.7

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Sat Feb 27 14:42:15 CET 2010

   source:      http://gridflow.ca/download/gridflow-0.9.7.tar.gz
   OSX Intel:   http://gridflow.ca/download/packages/gridflow-0.9.7-macosx104-i386.tar.gz
   OSX G4/G5:   http://gridflow.ca/download/packages/gridflow-0.9.7-macosx104-ppc.tar.gz
   Ubuntu 9.10: http://gridflow.ca/download/packages/gridflow-0.9.7-ubuntu-karmic-i386.tar.gz
   Windows:     http://gridflow.ca/download/packages/gridflow-0.9.7-win32-i386.zip

ChangeLog version 0.9.7 (2010.02.26):

  * fixed colours in [#from_pix] OSX
  * [#from_pix]: auto-flip images coming from osx's [pix_image], etc...
  * [#to_pix]: auto-flip image for OSX
  * [#fft]: fixed the 1-D mode ("skip $1")
  * doc: fixed some layout bugs (gop)
  * added [gf/getpid] [#make_arrow] [doc_same] [#many] [#to_iem] [doremi]
  * added [#see] [gf/mouse_spy] [gf/canvas_isselected] [qwerty_piano]
  * [display]: fixed problems with braces, backslashes, nested lists (A_LIST)
  * [display]: fixed gop mode; use sys_queuegui
  * [display]: use system font; changed box size (spacing) to match the look
    of objectboxes; but chopped lower corners of the box to make look distinct.
  * [print] [gf.print] and [display]: hide "float" and "list" where they should.
  * made some more new helpfiles
  * quicktimehw: use normal 'get' method
  * when object can't create, print creator name and arguments
  * [#]: avoid grid-abort in case of wrong dimensions
  * [#in grid]: fixed end-of-file detection
  * ./configure: replaced pentium detection code
  * [#line_to_polygon]: fix: generates a rectangle as it was supposed to be
  * [#in grid]: added method «seek_byte»
  * [#out quartz]: no more spinning beach ball of death !
  * [#out quartz]: added methods: title, move, set_geometry
    (compatible with [#io.x11])
  * fixed help file window resize (OSX)
  * got gridflow menuitems to work with pd devel 0.43
  * support multiple [#out sdl] objects (acting like a single object)
  * fixed many Win32-specific bugs
  * introduced Win32 precompiled distribution
  * add Help menu item "GridFlow Examples" (a preset "Open..." dialogue)
  * added support for multiple cameras on OSX (up to 4)
  * added camera name display for OSX
  * [#color]: fixed some bugs (hidden numberbox, triplicata, wrong values)
  * [#color]: use [nbx] on the right side instead of floatatom on the left
  * [#pack]: add 'set' method
  * [#redim]: fixed occasional crash that happened for some grid sizes
  * [#in],[#out]: auto-detect non-lowercase suffixes
  * [#out x11]: now 'root' option is working again.

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